Caring for an air plant is simple when you can understand the “LAW” of Tillandsia. LAW is an acronym of the three most essential elements of an air plant’s survival—light, air flow, and water. While each plant listed has care guidelines in the description, this page is a more in depth guided on the appropriate care regime to keep your plants healthy and happy.

There are a few terms I use throughout this care guide so I will first define them here:

Now that you've got some definitions let's jump in!

Tillandsia Care  

The Tillandsia genus of plants have highly specialized structures on the surface of their leaves. These structures called trichomes are essentially microscopic cups that collect moisture and nutrients in the atmosphere surrounding them. There are hundreds of air plant species and they come from diverse environments that are either wet or dry. If you can identify what type of environment your plant is from you could figure out how to care for it. In general, plants that come from the same environment require very similar care. As such, we can separate air plants into two categories ‘mesic’ and ‘xeric’ plants.

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