If you spend any amount of time on social media, you might have noticed the resurgence of bohemian interior design. This new-age bohemian style is a mélange of textures, patterns, complementary and natural colors, macramé, and house plants. In fact, the house plant industry has taken off in recent years as the popularity of plant-centric interiors increases. I’ll admit that my spaces have become small rainforests, but many of my family and friends always complain that they don’t have room, don’t want to deal with dirt or pests, and can’t keep anything alive—horticulturally hopeless as I like to call it.


Fear not, there is yet another option—Tillandsia! Tillandsia are quintessentially bohemian. Unburdened by a traditional root system, these otherworldly plants have endless versatility in even the most compact spaces. The best part is that these plants are hearty and low-maintenance. All you need to consider for keeping your air plants happy and healthy is the “LAW”—light, air flow, water.

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