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Frankincense Resin

Frankincense Resin

petrichor of pachamama

Frankincense Resin

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The Boswellia genus is composed of a number of flowering trees that contain a fragrant resin and are native to the Arabian peninsula and the Horn of Africa. That resin is better known as frankincense. The majority of the world's frankincense is harvested from the B. sacra, B. frereana, B. papyrifera, and B. serrata trees. 

The use of frankincense dates back as far as 28 BC and has been used in many different religious, cultural, and spiritual settings. For example, frankincense is mentioned in numerous ancient religious texts like in the story of the three wise men in the Bible or it is also found in the incantations of the Greek Magical Papyri. In ancient Egypt, frankincense resin signified a manifestation, divinity, and gratification. In ancient Judea, it was a central component of ceremonies. The ancient Greeks used incense burning as an oblation. In Christendom, it was and is still used in worship. 

The one thing that all of these religions and cultures believed about frankincense is that inhalation of the smoke leads to the psychoactive effects of spiritual exaltation or a sense of euphoria. Thanks to science we now know that they were right! The smoke of frankincense contains the cembranoid diterpene known as Incensole. Through scientific investigation Incensole has been shown to have biological activities consistent with modern antidepressants! 

The scent of Frankincense is musty and earthy with notes of pine, citrus and spice. 

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Many aromatic plants and products may have a historic and folkloric use in naturalistic medicine, but we offer this product as incense only. Our product is not food grade and should not be consumed.  

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