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There has been no greater experience in my lifetime than venturing deep into the Northeastern Ecuadorian Amazon during the height of my self-discovery. In fact, the experience was so transcendent that I struggle to find the right words to describe how I felt. I stood there in the rawness of Earth, surrounded by thousands of species of flora and fauna. There was no buzz of electricity, no blaring traffic horns, no music—just the soundscape of nature. It wasn’t until that moment that I began to appreciate Earth fully, not as just an object but personified into Pachamama, the goddess who bore and nurtures the land in which we live.

One of my most vivid memories was the scent that accompanied the rainforest downpours; it was distinctly earthy, woody, and floral; it was an intoxicating petrichor. Petrichor is constructed from the Greek words “petra,” meaning rock, and “īchōr,” the fluid that flows in the veins of gods. I am extremely fascinated by the invocation of divinity in the word construction of petrichor because when I reflect on my experience in the Amazon, I can’t help but mull over how metaphysical my thoughts were. 

For example, while sitting quietly high up in the canopy on an observation deck, I watched a monkey calculate the distance it needed to jump to a neighboring tree. I realized that the monkey I was watching lives a life as vivid and complex as my own—an overwhelming sense of sonder. Staring into a sea of trees also struck me with the realization that plants give life to the Earth—they are the canvass of all land-based ecosystems, and they are the origin of the oxygen we breathe.

These moments of sonder unlocked my consciousness of the planet and established my plant collecting hobby. To me, it is more than just having the plant; I research everything about them—the native habitat, cool adaptations, the phylogeny, you name it. My partner holds the same reverence for Pachamama as I; however, he specializes in nature's deeper metaphysical aspects. Together (with our three dogs), we crafted the concept of our business Petrichor of Pachamama.

Petrichor of Pachamama is the eponym of my transcendent experience in the Amazon. It encompasses both aspects of existence—nature, and metaphysics. As a minority-owned small business, we strive to help you achieve clarity and inner peace by assisting you in incorporating nature in all of your spaces, whether it be through filling your space with plants or the aromatic smoke of herbs, roots, and resins we have you covered.

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Our goal is to make you happy so feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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