petrichor of pachamama

Copal Resin

Copal Resin

petrichor of pachamama

Copal Resin

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The burning of herbs, roots, barks, and resins for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purgation is a common practice among many cultural, religious, healing, and spiritual groups.

The copal tree (Proteum copal) is endemic to the wet tropical forests of Mexico and Central America. Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica cultures held the resin from the Protium copal tree as very sacred. In fact, it has been found in large quantities sequestered within the Great Temple at Tenochtitlan. These ancient people's used copal resin to reveal invisible energies, call upon spirits and as a tool to help them detect energy blockages. 

Burning copal resin remains an important component within Mexican culture and can often be found at altars during Día de los Muertos. Observants of Día de los Muertos go to cemeteries to be with the souls of the departed where they encourage visits by the souls by burning copal and creating alters that contain the departed's favorite items and foods. 

The scent of copal is reminiscent of Frankincense, however, it is more subdued and has citrusy hints. 

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Many aromatic plants and products may have a historic and folkloric use in naturalistic medicine, but we offer this product as incense only. Our product is not food grade and should not be consumed. 


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